Targeted Public Distribution System

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Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) is operated under the joint responsibility of the Central Government and the States/UTs. Computerization of PDS is a must for strengthening and revamping the Public Distribution System and for addressing the challenges faced by PDS i.e. inclusion/exclusion errors, leakages/diversion of foodgrains, lack of transparency, weak grievance redressal and social audit mechanism and lack of viability of Fair Price Shops. MoCAFPD purposed a scheme on end to end computerization of TPDS, purposed by Planning Commission under the 11th year plan with an outlay of Rs 3497.21 Cr (out of which GoI has a share of Rs 1992..54 Cr). In case of north-eastern states, cost sharing between centre and state would be on 90:10 basis whereas for other states its 50:50 basis.

For achieving end-to-end Computerization of TPDS, the Department of Food & Public Distribution, Government of India has identified 4 key components which are required to be implemented in all the States/UTs as below:

1) Creation & Management of digitized Beneficiary Database 2) Supply-Chain Management of TPDS commodities from Food Corporation of India (FCI) till Fair Price Shops (FPS)
3) Sale of TPDS commodities at Fair Price Shops including identification and authentication of beneficiaries and recording of transactions. 4) Transparency and Grievance Redressal Mechanism

End to end computerization of PDS in States/UTs would be implemented in two parts as follows:

* Component 1 :
Supply-Chain Management (Component I) may be undertaken as per Chhattisgarh model. * Component 2 :
Component 2 may be implemented on the lines of the Gujarat model of computerization which will take some time.

Various schemes started by different State Governments.:
* The Chattisgarh Model :
Bulk of the pilferage used to happen before the grains reached the PDS shops. To plug the leakages, the first step was to take away the...
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