Teaching Vocabulary

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Teaching vocabulary
The main practical aim is: to form vocabulary and lexical competence (vocabulary habits).

Vocabulary work is connected with all aspects of the target language:

pronunciation syntax morphology spelling stylistics

But even if you’ve learned only a great number of words you won’t be able to be understandable.

What it means to know a word:
* to recognize it in its spoken and written form;
* to recall it at will;
* to relate it to an appropriate object or concept;
* to use it in the appropriate grammatical form;
* in speech, to pronounce it in a recognizable way;
* in writing to spell correctly;
* to use it with the words it correctly goes with (in the correct correlation); * to use it at the appropriate level of formality;
* to be aware of its connotations and associations.

By vocabulary habits we mean:
* to transfer of a word from distant memory to immediate memory; * to check the correctness of selection of a particular word in the given situation; * to instantly evaluate combinability of the word chosen with other vocabulary items; * to quickly choose the proper paradigmatic form of the word suitable for a particular structure.

The basic principles of selection of the active minimum vocabulary: * semantic approach;
* combinative approach;
* stylistic approach;
* frequency approach;
* word-building approach;
* word of polysemantic value;
* excluding synonyms;
* excluding international words.

The active minimum is selected on the basis of topics and communicative situations, analysis of phonogram, dialogues, written speech.

The criteria of selection of the passive minimum Voc.:
* derivability;
* polysemantic character;
* frequency and wide use;
* topical associations;
* semantic word-building.

Chief stages of formation...
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