Technology Parks and Their Role in National Developement

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Technology Parks and Their Role in National Development.

Nowadays, peoples are enjoying so many facilities and amenities which are bestowed upon humanity by science. Technology Park is one of the gifts blessed by science. Technology Park has also other names, such as Science Park, Research Park, Biomedical Park and I.T Park etc. Technology Park may be defined as the park or an organization consisting of a large area with special buildings where scientific research is done by specialized professionals for business purpose. Generally, these parks are operated by the institutions of higher education colleges and universities. Such parks are managed to increase the wealth of its community by the help of their business institutions and knowledge-based institutions.

Technology Parks play very significant role in the development of nation and country. These parks have strengthened the economy of a nation as they are very helpful for the growth of economy. They really offer many shared resources like, continuous power supply, centers of communication, bank offices, restaurants, transportation, entertainment, and sports facilities etc. These facilities make it clear that their availability gives considerable advantage to the society availing these facilities. Thus a great growth in economic sector may be achieved through technology parks.

In this modern era, the developed as well as the developing countries of the world are taking keen interest to promote technology parks. About 140 Technology Parks have been established in North America. These parks have given enormous advantages to North America. As they have succeeded to bring economic growth, qualified jobs creation and export development etc. Similarly Asian Countries like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China etc are also taking great advantages from Technology Parks. In United States many technology parks have been established. One of these parks is “The Research Triangle Park”. This park has 130...
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