Teen Drug Abuse

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The Effects of Drug Abuse on Teens

The article that I have chosen to do my Healthy Living Media Project on is “The Effects of Drug Abuse on Teens.” I found this article on the Internet and it came from a rehabilitation centre called Casa Palmera.

The article that I have chosen talks about the most commonly abused drugs by teens, signs of drug abuse as well as the effects of drug abuse on teens and teen drug rehab. Unfortunately experimenting with drugs can lead to drug abuse and addiction and drug abuse is an increasing problem among teenagers.

Some of the most common signs a teen may be abusing drugs are: * Problems with the law
* Problems at school – poor grades
* Mood swings
* Loss of interest in favourite activities
* Drug equipment
* Violent behavior
* Depression
* Poor hygiene
* Missing money

Some effects of drug abuse on teens are emotional problems, behavioural problems, risky sex, learning problems, brain damage and diseases.

I chose this article for my project because drugs can affect your life a lot and I wanted to learn more about the effects. I feel badly when thinking about drug abuse because some people have had their lives totally ruined after trying drugs and becoming addicted to drugs. I also know someone who is in rehab right now for drug abuse and I hope he gets the help that he needs.

The media does try to portray healthy living properly because on television channels that are geared towards teens, many commercials are shown about drugs and staying away from drugs.

The media can be a good source to get information about healthy living because on channels targeting teens commercials focus on preventing teens from trying drugs and show why they are bad. Channels targeting parents focus teaching parents to be aware of signs their kids can be doing drugs. These two different types of ads work together to help people stay off of drugs. There are also programs like DARE that are...
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