Teenage Abortion

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: October 7, 2008
The article is written by Yvette R Harris. It discuss about the effects of having abortion among teenagers. The authors also argue whether the abortion should include parents decision or not. This is because parents play important role in bringing up the child. So the parents have to be involve in this matter. The author also said that women has the right to make decision about the abortion .Nevertheless, the abortion had it impact on the teenagers. From the author point of view, teenagers who had abortion will face emotional and physical problem in the long term. The topic of teenage abortion is very controversial and there are many questions surrounding the moral and legal aspects of it.

Adolescent Abortion
According to information available from the Guttmacher Institute, sex by age 20 is the norm across the world, and countries with low levels of adolescent pregnancy accept sexual relationships among teenagers and provide comprehensive and balanced information about sexuality. However, in a Kaiser Family Foundation study of US teenagers, 29% of teens reported feeling pressure to have sex, 33% of sexually active teens reported "being in a relationship where they felt things were moving too fast sexually", and 24% had "done something sexual they didn’t really want to do".[19] Several polls have indicated peer pressure as a factor in encouraging both girls and boys to have sex. ]nhibition-reducing drugs and alcohol may encourage unintended sexual activity.

What is abortion
Abortion is the loss of a fetus before it is able to live outside the womb. When abortion occurs spontaneously, it is often called a miscarriage. Abortion can also be intentionally caused, or induced. Induced abortion is regarded as a moral issue in some cultures. In others it is seen as an acceptable way to end unplanned pregnancy. Abortion is a relatively simple and safe procedure when done by trained medical workers during the first three...
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