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Topics: Language, Meaning of life, Linguistics Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: October 23, 2013
In this essay, I will be exploring the view that texting and/or web based interactions creative can be very creative forms of language use. In modern day society technology has become more of a resource to life than an object. Phones are one of these life necessities that has progressively changed our way of life. The introduction of texting in particular, it has drastically altered our speech and idiolect. For example within the texting community a vast amount of acronyms, abbreviations, and alphabetisms have prevailed; such as Bruv, famalam, YGM, YOlO. This is all evidence for the way technology has drastically simplified our speech and idiolect and arguably our intelligence. In addition the meanings of words in society have also changed as time has progressed. For example, “Gay” in modern day society defines as Bad or stupid or unwanted, all meanings that imply a negative vibe. However previously to this the word was used to insult someone who is homosexual by calling they “Gay” or a “Gayboy”. Even this definition has derived from another meaning, the original meaning being a person of good spirits and happy, or full of joy. The meaning of “Gay” links to the evolved definition of “Whore”, in terms of how in modern day society it presents a negative vibe. However the meanings or these two contrast in terms of gender, gay aimed at males and whore aimed at women. As the definition of “whore” generally refers to a prostitute or a promiscuous woman, this term has not changed throughout the course of its use from the 1300s to modern day society. But gay has changed drastically throughout its use, starting as a term of happiness and joy from altering into a term describing badness and negativity. Therefore this would say to society that it is more insulting to be called a whore than gay as the term “whore” has always portrayed a bad image, however gay was once used positively. In addition to this it could be said in society that males should be the gender that...
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