The Abuse of Government Assistence Is a Huge Problem

Topics: Government, Welfare, Welfare fraud Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: December 3, 2012
The Abuse of Government Assistance is a Huge Problem
The amount of people out there that abuse Government Assistance and welfare system is rapidly increasing. The goal of government assistance should be to help people attain a position in life where they no longer need assistance. There will always be select people that need assistance their entire lives. Mentally and physically challenged people fall into that category. Shouldn't the majority of our government assistance go to people in that category? Yes, I believe it should, but that is not the case in our country today.

When these programs are used correctly, the tax paying citizen doesn't seem to have a problem with the programs. But when these programs, such as WIC, food stamps, housing assistance, health insurance assistance, education assistance are abused it not only upsets that same tax paying citizen but actually cost that person money. A lot of people feel it is okay to have children for the soul purpose of getting Government Assistance, but what they either don’t know or don’t really care about, is that they are costing Tax Payers a lot of money for this. The increase in welfare or public assistance spending is one of the main reasons the annual budget is in the trillions of dollars.

There are many ways we can change the problem with welfare abuse in this country and I believe these are a few of them. Send a representative to each and every person’s home that is receiving any form of government assistance. I'm not talking about scheduled appointments I'm speaking about random inspections. Let’s make sure that if we are giving housing assistance to someone that they are keeping a safe and livable home. If we are giving someone food stamp let’s make sure that they are purchasing the types of food and the amount of food their family needs. During the unscheduled inspection anyone receiving government assistance will be drug tested and if found to be using drugs all government assistance will...
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