The Art of Swagger

Topics: Short story, Thing, Dianthus caryophyllus Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: September 20, 2013
Conflict – David M.
Question to answer: How do conflicts develop theme in Paul’s Case? Paul's desires for an aesthetic life over a real life are directly responsible for his internal conflicts.  And these internal conflicts places Paul’s world far from reality, which eventually lead to his destruction. The conflicts Paul had with society helped develop the theme in Paul’s Case by showing the negative side of living outside of “the norm”, and disobeying society’s rules.

1. He wears the carnation to show his feelings of alienation which lead to his rebellion, Paul seems very polite on the outside, almost showing conformity, but what he is actually doing is patronizing the teachers.

Paul dressed rather neatly but he makes retarded faces at the teachers and the students, and he thinks beauty in the school is a waste of time because the school and the people in it are ugly 2. Paul does

3. I think Paul is afraid of his own sexuality since the author used many clues in the short story to describe Paul as the “stereotypical” homosexual (violet cologne, love for beauty and “the arts”, flowers, scared of rats, he does things that are “peculiarly offensive in a boy”). So maybe the “dark corner” was in a closet of some sort and he doesn’t want to come out. 4. The shopping trip emphasized the delights of material possessions by showing the readers how clothing can easily change the appearance of wealth in people. And since Paul liked to escape reality with music and plays, he’s basically doing the same thing with these new things that he bought during the shopping spree. 5. The reader learns to value their lives no matter how tough it is and realizing how important living an honest life is, readers begin to value the authenticity of one’s life, and instead of living in a dream one should live a realistic lifestyle for the purpose of trying to turn one’s hopes and dreams into a reality.

Point Of View – David M.
Question to answer: How does the point of...
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