The Changing Economies of Asia

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The Changing Economies of Asia

Unit Information and Learning Guide

Semester 1, 2014

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Unit coordinator
Name:Professor Malcolm Tull
School:Management and Governance
Phone:+61 8 9360 2397

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Unit information

Information about the unit4
Contact details5
How to study this unit6
Resources for the unit8
Study schedule10

Learning guide

Topic 1Modern Economic Growth and the Characteristics of NIEs18 Topic 2Theoretical Perspectives22
Topic 3The State versus the Market25
Topic 4Trade, Export-Led Growth and Regional Integration28 Topic 5Agriculture and Fisheries31
Topic 6Industrial Policy34
Topic 7Foreign Investment, Multinational Corporations36
Topic 8Financial Markets and Corporate Governance38
Topic 9Labour Markets40
Topic 10The Environment and Economic Growth42
Topic 11The NIEs – A Case of Growth with Equity?44

Information about the unit

Welcome to:

Changing Economies of Asia

Unit description

This unit involves a comparative examination of the development and economic performance of selected Asian economies. The spectacular performance of some Asian economies has shifted the world balance of economic power and has major implications for all trading nations. Topics covered include growth theories, the Asian economic crisis and its aftermath, government policy, export-led growth, financial markets, corporate governance, labour markets, the environment and income distribution.

Aims of the unit

To familiarise you with the major economic features of the newly industrialising economies of East Asia. The unit focuses on the recent economic development of selected Asian economies. After completing the unit you will be able to understand why these economies have been able to grow so rapidly. You will also gain an understanding and appreciation of the long-run economic forces which affect the performance of economies through time.

To further develop your writing, reasoning and argumentation skills. The tutorial programme requires students to prepare a presentation to the class and to participate in class discussion. The essay provides an opportunity for you to develop your research and writing skills.

Learning outcomes for the unit

On successful completion of the unit you should be able to:

Understand the requirements for successful modern economic growth. •Apply economic analysis to the growth of selected Asian economies and to the assessment of relative economic performance. •Understand the importance of institutions in economic development. •Understand how globalisation has affected economic development.

Graduate attributes developed in the unit

This unit will contribute to the development of the following Graduate Attributes.

Critical and creative thinking
Global perspective
In-depth knowledge of a field of study

This unit was originally written by Malcolm Tull, 2000.
Revised by Malcolm Tull, 2012.

Contact details

Unit Coordinator’s contact details

Name:Professor Malcolm Tull
Room:Building 512 Room 2.023
Phone:+61 8 9360 2397

Tutor/Lecturer contact details

You will be notified who your tutor/lecturer will be at the beginning of the teaching period. The...
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