The Detrimental Effects of Governmental Power in The Hunger Games

Topics: Government, Distortion, Human Pages: 5 (1478 words) Published: May 18, 2015
 Su YiFei
Mr. Bacon
10 April 2015
The Detrimental Effects of Governmental Power in The Hunger Games It is easy to see the detrimental effects of governmental power in the novel The Hunger Games. The government has great power and no one can balance it. The abuse of political power by the government has lead to totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is being heavily abused in the country as the distribution of ruling power between the capitol and the Districts are extremely uneven. As we can see from the novel, Panem is under controlled the capitol, of which the entire country is governed by problematic rules. Different rules and laws are enforced in the country which favor only the rich and elites and post no good to the well-being of the poor but only to push them even further from the bottom of quality of life. What’s worse, the human nature of both people living in the capitol or live in the Districts is distorted as a result of the unequally distributed and overly abused governmental power, as well as their values. What the government does are not of benefit their people but to feather their own nest. Therefore people have bad quality of life under the government control. First of all, the government is irresponsible to the well-being of their people, law being illogical, people can do nothing but only to break them to get things they need. For example, Katniss has to hunt illegally in the wood outside the District 12 and trade her quarries at black market since she has to feed her family to keep them alive. Everyone has his or her right to being alive which the illogical law goes against. In addition, it is known that the government does has its responsibility to help the poor, but the capitol gets lots of wealth from poor Districts. This action makes the poor even do not have enough food to eat. For actually, it is found that sick people are easy to be controlled doing what the government want them to do. The government then creates people’s dependence base on this, like the saying goes:”You do not bite the hand that feed you.” Secondly, the blame of the society security makes people live in hard lives. The hostility between the poor and the rich divided among them which helping the government control the people well. For example, the government creates a “reaping system” and the “tesserae” to offer a little food to their people. “The raping system is unfair, with the poor getting the worst of it” (Collins, 13).Gale takes a dig at Madge, the mayor’s daughter, on the reaping day, because Madge does not need to go to the Capitol to join the Hunger games. It seems that the unfair system makes the poor live in hard situations, but how the system is going has nothing to do with the rich, who do not have to sign up for tesserae. Therefore, the poor people get angry at the rich ones, even though they do not even know each other. Thirdly, the cruel government uses fear to control their people with lots of horrible punishments. For example, the venom of the Tracker Jacker is “so carefully created to target the place where fear lives in [people’s] [brains]” (195).The government shows how powerful they are and fighting against them is rather useless. People have to be careful about everything, especially what they say about the government. In a word, the overly abused illogical and unfair government power make the poor have to break the law to save alive and they do not have any society security at all ,which makes the poor and the rich do not trust each other. What is worse, the horrible punishments make people live fearful lives. The governmental power also distorts the humanity of their people by making influences imperceptibly. Whether a decision is right or wrong, it will become the mainstream as long as the decision is supported by the government. The most obvious thing example which can exemplified this is the clothing style of the people living in the...

Cited: Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. New York: Scholastic, 2008.
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