The Difference between Flat and Hierarchical Organizations

Topics: Government, Structure, Management Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: June 11, 2013
In traditional organization there are many problem faced by an organization due to rigidity(not able to change) associated with that organization, because due to rigidity there is absence of middle management, communication delays between departments, and due to limited organizational structure in traditional organization it hampers the upward growth of an organization which lead to job dissatisfaction, reduction in output and reduce organizational profit. Government bodies such as the Armed Forces are examples of bureaucratic organizations characterized by centralized hierarchical structure clear boundaries, responsibility and authority. While de-bureaucratic organization is a form of decentralization in which there is no hierarchical level. While in non-hierarchical organization experience and expertise are often shared with each other and creativity and new ideas are brought up. In non-hierarchical organization empowerment is the key feature and it can be highly supportive of multiple stakeholders in global environments. However in the flatter organizations there are many potential pitfalls like implementation of decisions can be difficult because in flatter organization there are multiple constituencies and stakeholders. The example for de-bureaucratic structure can be small private organization or institute where there are no rules and regulation. From the above answer I came to a conclusion that there are benefits and limitation of both approaches. This approach can be implemented in an organization only after knowing the size of an organization. Bureaucratic organization can be use for large multinational organization in which there are rules and regulation for every single things. De-bureaucratic organization can implement in small factory where there are less employees and there are no rules to follow.
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