The Effect of Education on the Development of Different Countries

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The effect of education on the development of different countries

As the increasing demand for skilled workers, more attention has been paid to education. Education has been developing follow the step of humanity which affects knowledge, skills and attitude from one generation to the other (Compayre and Payne,1899) and interacts on the progress of civilization. The impact of the rapid growth of education is felt at institutional, national and international levels, and these are inter-related. This essay will examine how education influences economic growth, social advancement and environmental improvement.

Education plays an essential role in economic growth in less-developed countries. On one hand, Bloom, Canning and Chan claimes (2006) that it helps these countries make obvious progress towards national income. For example, Mauritius, a small island, has grown up from a poor nation in the 1960s to a middle-income country in the 1970s, which means the economy has dramatically been developed, and it is the consequence of universal education (Bloom et al. 2006). The per capita GDP in Mauritius has added up to $12,800 in Prospective Pravastatin Pooling (PPP terms) Project and it dues to economic growth since 1970s (Bloom et al. 2006). On the other hand, education can also make an indirect difference in the economic-growth activities through advancing broader aspects such as gender relations, and connections. Some institutions have taken affirmative actions to raise female enrolment with encouraging results, which allowed women to acquire equal educational rights with men (Bloom et al. 2006).According to (1999)an rapid increase in women’s access to education creates a better environment for economic growth, the study for the World Bank also suggested that, increasing the share of women with secondary education by one percentage point increases a country’s annual per capita income growth by an average 0.3 percentage points.

Education is not only vital to low-developed countries but also to developing countries. It results in higher individual income and it is a necessary precondition for long-term economic growth (_Lutz W, 2008). Education can offer the job seekers more chances to get approach to world famous enterprises which will pay them more money. In addition, GDP per capita increase owes to education (Dahlman and Aubert, 2001) .educational level distributes on annul GDP growth rates and education is the necessary (although not always sufficient) precondition for long- term economic growth (_Lutz W, 2008). For instance, Chinese government wants to create an environment which can encourage life-long learning that people can improve their ability to adapt themselves to becoming the demand of the knowledge economy (Dahlman and Aubert, 2001). China is the biggest developing countries in the world who has participated in WTO in 2001 and there is no doubt that business is one of aspects the government wants to focus on. In terms of this, managers in China need more training and exposure, and the economic transformation has forced Chinese tertiary education institutions to develop a range of management training program (Dahlman and Aubert, 2001).

While the economies of developed countries have achieved a certain level, however, further education can be more conducive to economic prosperity. National Centre Education Statistics (1997) states that education remains an important contributor to productivity growth. Education emphasis on improving the skills to the advanced technology, and it will cause an accretion of trained workers, which is beneficial to the growth of economy. In addition, education also focuses on building the responsibilities of families, societies and even countries, which will inspire workers to improve the productivity and the economies can be increased. Education can improve workers’ employment stability and enable more educated workers to maintain their jobs or to quickly find new jobs in the...

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