The Effects of Government Intervention

Topics: Inflation, Government, European Union Pages: 10 (3152 words) Published: January 13, 2013
University of Al. I. Cuza, Iasi
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Year - 1st

Effects of Government’s Intervention
Case study – Romania

Chiriac Alin-Adrian
Ciobanu Irina
Leustean Luiza Elena
Sticea Cristian Gheorghita
Topciu Ioana Tatiana


1. Introduction
2. The Government
a. Objectives
b. Organisation
c. Legislative process
d. Legislatives initiatives
3. Government’s Role In The Economy
e. Stabilisation and Growth
f. Taxes
g. Import restrictions
h. Wholesale interest rates
i. Government speeding
4. Case Study – Romania
5. Conclusion


What is the government? What is the role of the government? How does the government influence the economy? What can we say about the effects of the government influence in Romania? These are some of the questions that we will try to answer during our case of study.

We are citizens of a society, and our society is based on proper rules enacted and enforced by the high powers of our states. We need to act responsibly and inform ourselves, as much as we can, regarding this problem.

The people from the government, how did they get there? How is the government organized? How are they elected? By which criteria are these people elected? What are their attributes and what are their initiatives? We must know if they directly influence our lives, our economy!

Taxes, import and export restrictions, tariffs, wholesale interest rates are only a part of the government’s duties to be established. Is the government’s money, in fact our money? And if they are our money, how do they spend it, on what, and why? These are some things that must concern us.

And now, we should focus on our country, Romania, and, of course, on ourselves. Even though Romania is a country of considerable potential in most of the fields, its economy is very fragile. Our economy is strong related to the European economy, and some of these connections between our economy and the international economy are made by the government.

Most of the people tend to blemish the president, the government, the parliament etc. for the fragility of our economy, and to us it might seem not to work, but we have to bear in mind that this is the effect of the whole nation’s actions and of the world’s as well.

In the pages that follow we presented subjectively and objectively our ideas concerning the effects of the government’s influence on Romania’s economy, starting with explaining that is the government and which is the government’s role in the economy. The Government

Government refers to the legislators, administrators, and arbitrators in the administrative bureaucracy who control a state at a given time, and to the system of government by which they are organized. Government is the means by which state policy is enforced, as well as the mechanism for determining the policy of the state. A form of government, or form of state governance, refers to the set of political institutions by which a government of a state is organized. Synonyms include "regime type" and "system of government". The word government is derived from the Latin verb gubernare, an infinitive meaning "to govern" or "to manage". The Government is the public authority of executive power that functions on the basis of the vote of confidence granted by Parliament, ensures the achievement of the country's domestic and foreign policy and that exercises the general leadership of public administration. The Government is appointed by the President of Romania on the basis of the vote of confidence granted to the Government by Parliament. Objectives

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