The Four Theories of Government

Topics: Political philosophy, Sovereignty, Government Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: April 16, 2010
Akira Simmons 3/5/09
There were fourdifferent theories of governments, the force theory, the evolutionary rule, the divine right theory, and social contract theory. The Force theory was when one person or group of people gained control of the area and forced others to submit to their rule. The evolutionary Rule basically said that the states would develop naturally out of family clans, tribes, ect. The divine right theory said that the state was created by God and God gave people of royal birth the “divine right to rule”. The social contract theory was created by Thomas Hobbes and he believed that before the state people were British. People lived poorly and to improve their lives people could enter into a social contract where a superior person would rule over the rest. None of these four different theories of governments would be a best fit for the United States today. The force theory should not be a government for the United States. A dictator or a group of dictators would make all decisions and there would be no rights for U.S. citizens. The people would have no say and would not be able to vote on anything. The dictator would have all control. In the United States today, we do not use the force theory, but rather a democracy. The Force theory would not be best fit for the United States because with one person having all control, the people of the United States would not have a government that would not be able to exercise their amendments. The evolutionary Rule would also not be a best fit for the United States because in the evolutionary rule, there is no one with control. There would be no form of government and the states would be separate depending on what family you were born into. The area the family clan or tribe originated from would become part of that state. The states would develop naturally rather than families moving throughout each state. This theory would not be a best fit for the United States because there would be no...
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