The Freedon of Language

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The Freedom of Language
Each person has their own taste or someone’s writing may have put a bad taste in your mouth is a familiar example to what the English language is. It is no surprise to me that one word, one sentence, or one paragraph could have multiple meanings. The same word, sentence, and paragraph can be written in numerous ways or discussed in many different environments with many different peers. The English language is an interesting language. America is free and so is our language. There are a variety of different personalities everywhere we go. Just like personalities have no limit, neither does our language of our writers. Writers express themselves in ways that resemble their background. They may relate their writings to their own personal beliefs. Reader’s beliefs may sway their thoughts as they read an essay. Their initial feelings may change what they focus more on in an essay, regardless of their writing language. We are as unique as our DNA. I have language views from all different angles. I am a college student, a hair dresser, a mother, a house keeper, a citizen, a coach, and a preschool teacher. I could spend all day talking about my different languages I speak or the different ways I write, but I may be speaking for quite some time. I show my true self in each way but present myself differently on the situation. I can use the same word with each of my lifestyles, but each could mean something completely different. How can one person be so many things? I must say my priority is motherhood. I always present myself as a mother in some way. For example, when I am coaching I coach as if that was my child, treating with respect. As a hairdresser, I speak in Cosmetology lingo, yet somehow bring myself to speak of my son. As a citizen I follow laws in return protects me from being arrested and being away from my son. So, on the idea we have so many languages there is endless use of languages, I am still me. College is full of a...

Cited: Fought, John. "Do you speak american." PBS. COPYRIGHT 2005 MACNEIL/LEHRER PRODUCTIONS. , n.d. Web. 25 Nov 2012. .
Revised Essay and Artifacts:
As I added more to this essay I really took a look at what else I could add. I first added a few sentences on a similar topic I was drawn on myself that made the point I was saying more clear. With the peer revision I did not get all of the support I would have liked to have received. It seemed to give me what I did good instead of constructive criticism. I enjoyed writing this essay and would love to write more on it. I feel there is no ceiling to your own opinion. My peers said they understood the thesis and felt as I made my point clear. I am glad that I added a reference to support my writing from the idea of a classmate. Adding a Reference would give a reader that found this essay the idea that it was from an English 105 class and possissbly offer them the chance to research it themselves.
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