The Human Language

Topics: Linguistics, Language, Linguistic relativity Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: March 14, 2014
Giovanni Coyotecatl
December 2, 2013
We can all agree that language is a fundamental basic of being human. Language has been around for centuries, there are no primitive languages, and the documentary video"The Human Language", talks about just that. It brings about the question on how language functions within each and every society. Its amazing how we as organisms create sound and body gestures to make words, by what we call "Language". I say body gestures, because although being non-verbal, it is still a way of communication and it comes to an understanding. Yet this video's main intention is answering how our minds can tell the difference of words, pauses, and how it can organize basic logical sentences (syntax). Syntax isn't really taught, its embedded in us, our brain naturally does it to try and make sense of things.

One main question came across; how did words and meaning ever get linked? Language is arbitrary meaning that it was a combination of sounds to meaning, upon agreement with two or more individuals. Its a system our brain learns from a very young age it automatically puts things in order so that we can make sense of them. Each language has its own composition and if changed it becomes inflected, for example if you translate a sentence word for word, the meaning may not be the same. A joke may not even make sense in a different language. That's the thing with having a voice, the tone, the different variations of sounds, the accents, all manipulate how your being perceived by another individual. If I speak the sentence: "I have a Soda.", its understood between a certain group of people because it was implied that this is the way we are going to say it, while another group identifies it as "Pop." It still has the same meaning, just said differently. As long as it is in that order it makes sense, once you move around words like Yoda, there's confusion, you can't say "Soda a have I", or "Pop a have I" spoken it sounds like a...
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