The Impact of English Enhancement Program (EEP) towards Polytechnic Lecturers in Lowering the Affective Filter to encourage Effective Language Learning.

Topics: Linguistics, Second language acquisition, Language acquisition Pages: 15 (4817 words) Published: March 1, 2014

The Impact of English Enhancement Program (EEP) towards Polytechnic Lecturers in Lowering the Affective Filter to encourage Effective Language Learning.

Santhy Subarrau
Department of General Studies Department
Polytechnic Banting Selangor

Puan Mui Lan
Department of General Studies Department
Polytechnic Banting Selangor


In accordance to the intent of the country to achieve Vision 2020, all teaching instructions for programmes in Polytechnic will be conducted in English except for Islamic Studies. The English Enhancement Programme (EEP) was an intervention to make this transition easier for lecturers in coping with the demands of teaching in English. This study aims to evaluate the impact of EEP towards Polytechnic lecturers in lowering the Affective Filter to encourage effective language learning. Samples of the study are from Polytechnic Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin (PTSS) and Polytechnic Banting Selangor (PBS), both institutions underwent the same EEP intervention .The EEP pre and post test results of individuals were analyzed to evaluate the impact of the programme. To further investigate the causes of speaking anxiety we used the Horwitz’s Anxiety Scale 1986 to conduct this qualitative survey to highlight the underlying problems faced by Non English lecturers in their technical lectures. Understanding their anxiety and problems faced while using English would enable a better strategy to encourage effective language learning among lecturers. The results of the EEP test indicated a slight improvement in test score however teaching strategies will take into account the feedback from the interview and questionnaires. The implication of the study is to lower the affective filter in order to encourage better language learning strategies among Non English Lecturers.

Keywords: Affective Filter, English speaking anxiety, effective language learning strategies and comprehensible input.


The Ministry of Higher Education is aware of the need to train the technical lecturers so as to improve the delivery of Technical subject in English. Two interventions namely the PPMSTI and EEP were conducted since 2006 up till 2010. These programmes were conducted on a nationwide basis for all Polytechnic lecturers. There has been a lack of research on the relationship between language anxiety and the impact of programmes conducted to evaluate its efficiency in helping the Non English Lecturers. Understanding these factors will enable English trainers to better strategize teaching methodologies to cater to the needs of Technical Lecturers in teaching their subjects.

This paper hopes to present an account of the study on the factors that cause language anxiety among the polytechnic lecturers especially in speaking and strategies they employ to learn a language. English Language is the second official language in Malaysia. However, there are times when it is treated like a foreign language because of its unsupportive environment. The unsupportive environment that we are referring to is the lack of opportunity to use the language, and the lack of motivation to use the language (Lewis & Massad, 1975)

The aim of this study was to explore the factors that cause anxiety among non-English lecturers in using English in their teaching. In addition, this study will look into the learning strategies employed by the non-English lecturers. This study is done based on their learning experience after they have attended English for Enhancement Programme (EEP). The EEP is a course initiated by the Career and Training Division to enhance the learning of English among Lecturers. This is course is conducted to help them cope with the teaching of subject in English. Besides, finding out their learning anxiety we would also look into the strategies they employ to learn the language.

The term strategies, in the...
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