The Importance of Grammar

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The importance of grammar can be learned, but effort must be put forth to achieve the ends you seek. The importance lies in the fact that there is more to it than making sure commas and apostrophes are in the right places, or that you have corrected misplaced modifiers or incorrect pronouns.

However, comma rules are important. You must know how to use commas appropriately to apply the meaning you intend within your writing. It is also essential to learn how to write in such a way that you are not creating run-on sentences, but combining incomplete thoughts, or fragments, to make them read much more clearly and succinctly.

The importance of grammar also relies on the use of prepositional phrases to add more to each of your sentences than the necessary subjects and verbs that make sentences complete.

Common grammar errors such as misplaced and dangling modifiers can create dual meanings and misunderstandings. Take a look at our page on double entendres for examples of these types of errors.

Rely on the importance of grammar in your writing and you will find that whether you are writing creatively or formally, you are creating a more solid structure and cohesiveness for your writing style.

Grammar errors may seem miniscule at first, but when the same errors continue to occur, you must take it upon yourself to achieve a better and more thorough understanding to ensure that your writing is not only full of unique plotlines, theses, and other information, but that it reads just as well as the main idea sounds.

Create writing that is influenced by the importance of grammar. This flawlessness will come across to your readers, and will make publication a tad easier, as writing that looks and feels more professional will make you look better in the eyes of those who are reading your work.

Check back often for more grammar pages that will have you on the road to creating more polished, refined writing. Plus, who knows if reading through your work and checking for grammar errors may just be the ticket to an epiphany for which way your writing should head next. Reading your work again can be quite helpful in allowing you to contemplate how to move forward in your writing, so why not multitask and correct grammatical errors at the same time? It is just one more way to achieve your writing potential -- take it upon yourself to learn all you can about writing, even if it is the nitty gritty grammar details you have always dreaded.

If you read through your work and realize that more grammar help is needed and those pesky, common grammar errors are conflicting with the flow of your paper, see our writing coach page so that we can help you out of your grammar funk.

One of the best and most well known writers in English literature, William Shakespeare is credited with inventing over 1700 words that appear in his plays. He changed nouns into verbs into adjectives thus misusing words to communicate.If Shakespeare could be so liberal with the language how important is it really to follow the rules of proper grammar? Aaron Wall posted yesterday How Hard is it to Write Clearly?, following a trail of quotes from George Orwell on the importance of improving the clarity of language. I agree completely that it’s important to communicate effectively in all writing, but the post got me thinking how important things like typos are or how important is it to always follow the proper rules of grammar. It also got me thinking how imprtant it was to correctly use words in order to communicate effectively. Clarity is important yes, but it’s not necessary to adhere to the rules to be clear. Take for example Lewis Carroll’s Jaberwocky: Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird and shun
The fruminous Bandersnatch!
You’d be lying if you said you knew what a Jabberwock, a Bandersnatch, or a Jubjub bird is, but there’s no denying that are all to be avoided. Clarity in...
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