The Importance of Writing and Reading in Academic Life

Topics: Linguistics, Second language, Language acquisition Pages: 4 (1174 words) Published: April 8, 2012
The Importance of Writing and Reading in Academic Life

Writing is a skill that is required in many contexts throughout life. As for reading, it is an interactive process that occurs between reader and text. Both of them can’t be thought separate from each other in academic life. Because reading can be used for writing projects in academic life, and also writing can be used as a way to understand reading.

Writing and reading in academic life is different. For instance, people in the daily life can read and write in an informal way, while they can use them in a formal way in academic life. Briefly, writing and reading in academic life is not personal. Therefore, there are rules and processes in both of them. They present the chance of writing in an academic way and reading the sources being academic to people.

The process and rules in writing are different from reading. In academic life, writing process begins with the perception of a question, an uncertainty, or problem. Then they gather data and write their ideas. In first draft, they can write informally, but not in the last draft. A few drafts provides for acquiring the best writing. Also those who write in academic life don’t speak in the first person in writing. Due to this, there are not ‘I’ statements in academic writing. Moreover, draft reformulated and revised. Creativity are used and then editing begins. Apart from this process, those that will write in academic life consider planning their document, developing their ideas, and revising important.

Furthermore, brainstorming, title, headings, and outline is essential to planning document. Brainstorming is the name given to a situation when a group of people meet to generate new ideas around a specific area of interest. As for outline, it is an explanation that includes the general points about something, but not the details. Thesis statement, carrying out the plan, illustrations (tables, graphs, etc.), and conclusion is important for...
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