The Influx Of Foreign Workers Into Mala

Topics: Government, Politics of Malaysia, Sovereign state Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: December 14, 2014
The Influx of Foreign Workers into Malaysia
Written by Nor Hartini binti Saari. Posted in Artikel
The influx of foreign workers into Malaysia is not a new phenomenon.  Looking at the concern issues, it is a task for the Malaysian government to search for a mechanism in order to manage and control this phenomenon before it become worse.  From a domestic perspective, there are several ways or strategies the Malaysian government may take to deal with this problem.  To deter foreign workers from becoming involved in criminal activities, the Malaysian government should make an official agreement with the host countries that only labors with us criminal record can be considered for employment in Malaysia.  Before they arrive in this country, a through briefing concerning the laws, values and cultural and social aspects should be given to those workers so that a general awareness concerning what they can and cannot do in Malaysia may be known t to them.  

It is also important to issue a special identity card for them which records their names, country of origin and other related information.  That particular card must worn or carried with them at all times. In doing so, it will be easier for the enforcement departments to monitor their movements and take necessary action should the conditionwarrant.  

Secondly, in terms of health, a compulsory medical examination must be done twice. Once in their country of origin and again when they reach Malaysia.  A weekly or monthly routine medical check up should also be organized by local hospitals in cooperation with employers.  Health records must be kept systematically, so that any fatal disease may be monitored and prompt action taken. The cost of these medical examinations must be borne by the employers. Thirdly, in order to solve the problem of illegal settlements employers in Malaysia must be obligated to provide them with accommodation complete with basic facilities.  When these are provided, cases of government and...
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