The Linguistic Variation Between Male and Female

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The linguistic variation is the important part to study the sociolinguistics. Therefore, we as group members have decided to complete our study in sociolinguistics subject of this semester by completing this main subject with this final project. The Linguistic Variation between Male and Female of Corporate Communication’s Students Semester Three in KPTM KL is our topic that had been chosen for our group. We are given a task which is focuses on this topic and to find out whether is there any differences in the linguistic variation between males and females. There are some fact said that males and females have differences in many ways especially in physical and mental since they were an infant. Thus, to prove what we have assumed, we already choose randomly some of Corporate Communication’s students which are four males and four females as our main respondent to complete this project.

Linguistic variation is about the usage of the language. The usages of the language refer to the social factors which is different language in a different time and the same meaning of the language but in the different forms of the sentence structures. Thus, the variety of the languages depends on whether the speakers have superiority to speak with a large vocabulary and grammar. So, this can relate on how efficient they used vocabulary and how well they speak. In addition, language variety is more on how speaker responds with each other so that we can overview on how fluent the speaker dominant the language. The main factors that contributed the linguistic variation are based on the social class, working experiences and secondary education background of the speaker. Social class is observed based on their life background and where they come from which is depends to the current places they live at. On the other hand, working experiences also contributed in how fluent and effective speaker speak or responds with others. Next factors, secondary education background of the speaker whether they are from the rural area school or from urban school which is located in the busiest urban middle. Moreover, gender is main important role in linguistic variation and there are huge differences between both genders.

As Malaysians, our first language is Bahasa Malaysia and English are known as our second language. Thus, our project are focuses on how well they can respond on our question surveys in second language and how many words have been used by male and female. We chose Corporate Communication Semester three KPTM KL as our main subject in our project because of their proficiency in the usage of English language. Their course itself shown that they are more to communication skills, so we think that they are the best subject to observe. We interviewed them and see how well they respond to our questions interview that contains five questions that related to their recent activities which is Raya. In this project, we come up with a lot of information that we found during our interview.


The purpose of the project is to:
i. Determine whether the different gender contribute to the linguistics variation among the Corporate Communication students Semester Three.

ii. Determine whether the different social class, working experiences and secondary education background contribute to the linguistic variation among the Corporate Communication students Semester Three.


We had done our interview among Corporate Communication’s students of Semester Three and we found a lot of information towards our project. There are eight peoples that had been interviewed, four of them are male and others are female. There are five questions; Q1: How was your...
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