The Policy Process: Part 1

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The Policy Process: Part I
March 11, 2013

The Policy Process: Part I
In this paper we will discuss the three steps to on how a topic becomes a policy and how each step helps form the policy to what it is today. The three steps that must be taken to continue to improve policies for health policies are as follows: Formulation, Legislative and Implementation stages. First Step

Defining the problem to the previous policy is the first step to creating a new policy. This must be done before implementing the three stages, formulation, legislative, and implementation. All stakeholders must be part of this task in order for it everyone to come to an agreement. The government must come up with a form of public policy such as a rule or regulation which will help with the stages that must be implemented into the policy. Formulation Stage

Formulation is the first stage to start a topic to become a policy. This must be done first in order to develop a strong and effective policy. During this stage there will they will debate and discuss the issues of the policy or law. “Policy Formulation includes setting goals and outcomes of the policy or policies (Isaacs and Irvin, 1991; Health Canada, 2003). Formulation stage can become the hardest of all due to the ongoing population becoming infected from HIV/AIDS. They may have to bring in more stakeholders in order to come up with a solution. Trying to get policies passed can become challenging with trying to change a previous policy that may have been hard to change from the start. The policy must help cover everyone that has been affected by HIV/AIDS and insure that it will help them to better services provided.

Legislative Stage
Developing a topic into a policy is during the legislative stage. Here they will introduce the policy that they have come to an agreement with, to the committee. Most of the time, the first policy being introduce will get turned down and given suggestions to make changes or the...
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