The Role and Responsibility of a Centralized Government of Control

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The Role and Responsibility of a Centralized Government of Control The birth and origin of a centralized government of control, or simply, a force that embraces as one, a body of living things and maintains stability and order within them can be stretched back to the earliest days of man. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau states in The Origin of Civil Society, “the earliest [and still intact] form of government is the family” (59), where the head of the family, or in Rousseau’s argument, the father has authority over his children and with it the duty to care for them and to supervise them. Rousseau further states that family is not only the oldest, but also the only natural form of society (59). The contradictory statement therefore deals with the growth and evolution of human kind from that primitive social order, the different structures of the centralized government of power that we encompass throughout the world today, no longer remain as simple as the earliest form, but it has indeed developed into a subject argued and contradicted by many. The theory of governments in current times cover a wide range of opinions and sub-theories depending on factors beyond reckoning, and even though there are plenty of popular political guidelines to choose from, very few actually have the potential to prevail.

Although many advocates of a society exclusive of governmental intervention will argue that every centralized government of control should remain invisible in order for citizens to enjoy civil liberty and equality, the involvement of a centralized government of control is an absolute necessity for a society to thrive. Proper utilities and resources such as education, shelter, affordable goods and services, healthcare, a proper and safe community, employment, and general protection for all its citizens, which have to be provided and regulated in a scale massive enough to serve equally a population of a nation, can only be monitored by a central government of control. A central government also has a responsibility of maintaining impartiality and avoid discrimination against any group of people, therefore a government of control must keep in mind the minority opinions and choices and preserve the delicate balance between minority and the majority. They must follow the majority regulation but only after giving the minority sufficient consideration, doing so a government of control will ensure that no individual is stripped off his/her basic rights and that any and every voice, even if it is not the impending majority rule, is heard. A central government of control should provide basic utilities such as employment, healthcare, shelter, and affordable goods and services. No matter how proficient or powerless a nation, essential necessities such as the factors stated above are only some of the best aspects of any given government of control, but also some of the major tools that citizens can utilize for the development of themselves and their nation alike. According to the view of the Political Economy Schools “education, health care, housing, a variety of income maintenance programs, and the personal social services is the hallmark of a [….] state” (526). The importance of these factors and its governmental influences can easily be contrasted when taken into consideration the recent tragedy that hit Japan, a devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake that “struck of the coast of Japan churning up a devastating tsunami that swept over cities...

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