The Role of Government in Big Business: Should Trusts Be Allowed to Exist?

Topics: Unfair business practices, Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Carnegie Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Argumentative Essay
Brittany Ennis
There has been much debate among historians about the role of government in big business. Should trusts be allowed to exist? Roosevelt believes that they should get rid of monopolies. He quotes and believes in Van Hise’s article “Concentration and Control”. His article says that the government should get involved in business in order to keep big businessmen in check. He says that unrestrained competition is the biggest of our problems when it comes to big business. The big business men do not feel as if they are doing anything because everyone is doing it. The Sherman anti-trust should just be shut down and there should be a new more enforceable law in order to actually end big business. Wilson feels as if big business and monopolies are two different things. He likes big business and the fact that certain people will make big money but he doesn’t like that monopolies have unfair business practices. He believes that we should let there be competition and let the better business win, but does not like the fact of people buying other out is aloud. Carnegie believes that everything that is going on with the business is perfectly fine and that we should not change what is going on. He says that we need big business for society. He doesn’t care how hard it will be for the common man because they should work for it. If they are not on top then they have not worked hard enough. He wants business to be the center of everything and anything that goes on in the country. Roosevelt’s ideas for government intervention in big business will be the most successful way to control business. Roosevelt states in his writing that “Through the control by commission we may secure freedom for fair competition, elimination of unfair practices, conservation of our natural resources, fair wages, good social conditions, and reasonable prices” (Roosevelt: Republic an Anti-Trust). This means that if the government is controlling business...
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