The Scope of Sociolinguistics

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Cyber English Vocabulary from the Perspective of Relevance Theory

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因特网是二十世纪人类最伟大的发明之一,随着电脑和因特网的普及,它给人类生活的各个方面都带来了难以置信的影响。其对网络英语词汇的影响非常引人注目。互联网的介入缩短了人与人之间的距离,为人们的交流提供了一个全新的平台。以互联网为载体产生了很多以前从没有过的新鲜事物,如网上商城等。而词汇作为语言中最活跃的因素,最直接、最迅速、最集中地反映社会的发展和信息,网络英语词汇正是社会进步,语言发展的产物,它不仅丰富了英语词汇,充实了词汇的语义,而且为人们提供新概念,拓宽了人们的知识结构,影响着人们的生活。 在这种背景下,以文本为基础的网络语言开拓了语言学的研究空间。本文将从关联理论的角度研究网络英语词汇,介绍网络英语词汇的产生原因,构成特点及翻译和学习。和词汇一样,网络英语词汇由派生,合成,缩略,混合等方法构成。Sperber和Wilson提出了关联理论,即每一个明示交际行动,都传递一种假设:该行动本身具备最佳关联性。而关联是一个相对的概念,且由两个因素决定:语境效应和处理努力。语境效果越大,关联越大。因此,关联理论对网络英语词汇的语用充实产生影响,包括语用扩充和语用收缩。它揭示了语言的交际是依据动态的语境进行动态的推理和理解,得出语境含义,更好地揭示词汇意义的本质,更好地理解词汇语用与认知的问题,从而使学习者不断地充实和扩大自己现有的认知语境,逐步建构起推理新信息的机制,取得最佳语境效果,以达到交际的目的。关联理论认为翻译活动包含两个明示—推理活动过程。译者在翻译活动中扮演着原作的读者与译文的作者的双重角色。本文将从关联理论出发,分析网络英语词汇的语用充实:语用扩充和语用收缩,以更好地揭示词汇意义的本质,并将其运用到网络英语词汇的翻译和学习中去。

关键字: 网络英语词汇; 关联理论;最佳关联


The Internet is one of the most remarkable things ever created by human beings in the 20th century.With the popularity and development of computers and Internet, it has exerted great impact on various aspects of people’s lives, among which the appearance of the Internet English vocabulary is obvious. More and more original things that have never been seen appear based on the Internet. As the most active factor in language, vocabulary reflects the development and information directly, rapidly and intensively. Cyber English words are right the results of development of society and language. They not only enrich English vocabulary and the meanings of words, but influence people’s life by supplying new concepts and extending the structure of knowledge. Under such circumstances,the emergence of cyber language which based on the communication in writing has enlarged the researching space of linguistics.This paper gives a study of cyber English vocabulary from the perspective of Relevance Theory.And it reviews the reasons for its emergence, characteristics of its formation, translation and learning. Cyber English words are formed by means of derivation, compounding, acronym and blending. Sperper and Wilson put forward the Relevance Theory which is defined as Every act of ostensive communication communicates the presumption of its own optimal relevance. But relevance is also a relative notion. It is determined by two factors: contextual effect and processing effort. The greater the contextual effect, the greater the relevance. Relevance Theory also has a great influence on the pragmatic enrichment, including pragmatic broadening and pragmatic narrowing of cyber English vocabulary. The Relevance Theory points out that the communication of language is to have a dynamic deduction and understanding based on dynamic context to get the meaning of context. It’s helpful to better reveal the essence of lexical meanings and understand the relation between pragmatic vocabulary and cognition. Thus, learners can enrich their present cognitive context and set up the system of deducing new information to get optimal contextual effects, achieving the goal of communication. Besides, Relevance Theory supposes that translation contains two ostensive-deduction processes. Translators play roles of both the readers of original text and writers of translated texts. In this paper, we will analyze pragmatic enrichment of cyber English words: pragmatic broadening and pragmatic narrowing, Thus to better understand the essence of lexical meanings and use it in the translation and study of cyber English words. Key words: cyber English words; Relevance Theory; Optimal Relevance


ⅠOverview of Cyber English Vocabulary
1.1 Definition of Cyber English Vocabulary
1.2 Reasons of the Appearance of Cyber English Vocabulary
1.3 Characteristics of the Formation of Cyber English Vocabulary 1.3.1 Derivation
1.3.2 Compounding
1.3.3 Acronym
1.3.4 Blending
Ⅱ Introduction of the Relevance Theory
2.1 Definition of the Relevance...
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