The Spread of English Is Considered to Be Evidence of Linguistic Imperialism.

Topics: English language, Linguistics, Lingua franca Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: December 25, 2010
The spread of English is considered to be evidence of linguistic imperialism. Nowadays there are a lot of opinions connected with the problem of spreading English all over the world. Some people approve it but there are those who are against of it. Today the only language pretended to the role of the language of global community- is English. The main purpose of it is the political and military power of the nation- the repository of English language. But then, there appeared a number of modern purposes, determining the predominant position of English language and allowing to retain its leading position in the world society. My own opinion is that all people must know English, but in reasonable limits. The most important factor in the majority of English-speaking people, from whom English is their native language. English is widely spread as an official language on the territories of former British colonies. The next important factor is “the brandness” of English, its trade image, according to Phillips, a famous linguistic. English attract people by its ability to be the language of contacts practically in any place of the world. Knowing English gives people great opportunities for studying, business, international career and travelling. Thus, the language turns into an article and is sold rather successfully thanks to valuable consumer’s qualities. English is a language of international community. It is in its way “lingua franca” of world society of the epoch of globalization. According to the facts of famous English linguist D.Crystall, the number of people in the world speaking English is more than one billion people, only a quarter of them consider English as their mother language. Today we see that English seriously strengthens its positions as the language of international communication not only is Europe, but in the whole world. As evidence, today the international conferences, symposiums are held mainly in English. Without knowing English any qualified...
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