The Study of Language- Chpt 1-6 Review Questions

Topics: Linguistics, Semantics, Grammar Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: March 19, 2012

1) ------ are words used in place of noune phrases, typically referring to people and things already known a. Pronouns
2) We found buried treasure in the backyard- “We” is b. First person, plural
3) Presciprtive approach to defining grammar attempts to describe the regular structures of language as it was used c. False- Prescriptive is etiquette
4) [ the car ] [ was painted] [cherry pie red]
d. Diagram represents the constituent analysis type of grammatical analysis 5) He swim in the lake. The grammatical error reflects: e. An error in person
6) Syntax regards the understanding of the structure and ordering of components with in a sentence f. True- on a broad scale
7) “billy painted the living room walls” and “the living room walls were painted by billy”. These sentences have the different ______ structures but the same ______ structure. g. Same deep structure, diff structure

8) Recursion in an important concept in syntactic theory because it allows for a repeat of combinations of grammatical units with in a sentence h. True
9) Cookie dough sweet, food poisoning, cavities
i. Associative meaning b/c it’s more personal
10) Boy: +human, -adult, +animate
j. This is an example of semantic feature analysis
i. Not always the best way to analyze meaning b/c some words cannot be described based on their human characteristics. Ex run 11) The boys painted the shed in the afternoon, the shed represents which sematic role? k. Theme-

12) I broke the window with a rock
l. A rock represents which sematic role?
ii. Instrument
13) The idea of “the characteristic instance” of a category is known as a prototype m. Ex of collocation- where words occur together- salt and pepper, pb&j 14) Foor of the mountain, foot of the bed, foot of a person. This is an...
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