The Use of Code Switching

Topics: Multilingualism, Linguistics, Language acquisition Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Code switching generally refers to the alternative use by bilingual of two or more languages in the same conversation. Li Wei states code switching is described in bilingual conversation as socially orderly discourse strategies which index localized norms and values. Particular attention is paid to the way in which individuals strategically use the codes in their bilingual repertoires to achieve specific international goals. The meaning of code switching must be interpreted with reference to the language choices in the preceding and following turns by the participants themselves, rather than by correlating language choice with some externally determined values. Code switching is a common phenomenon of language contact in bilingual, multilingual and even monolingual societies. It is understood as the alternative use by bilinguals or multilingual of two or more languages in the same conversation or in the unchanged setting, often within the same utterance indicated that codes involved in code switching are not necessarily those of standard languages and expands the term to subsume switching between languages, dialects, styles, and registers. Some of the methods, types, and uses of code switching are tag switching, inter- sentential switching, intra- sentential switching, switching for translation, clarification, highlighting, praise and encouragement, contextualization cues, and formulation. Based on observation of many cases of code switching, Sankoff and Poplack identify three types of code switching tag switching, inter- sentential switching and intra- sentential switching. Tag switching involves the insertion of a tag or a short fixed phrase in one language into an utterance which is otherwise entirely in the other language. Tag switching involves discourse makers or sentence fillers. This type of switching tends to be discursive; their occurrences are more of an impulsive nature and exist when the person are not concerned their choice of language for the...
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