The world economy

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The world economy - a multi-level, the global economic system, combining the national economies of the world on the basis of the international division of labor through a system of international economic relation. There are global problems such as:

- Preventing the threat of another world war,
- Overcoming the ecological crisis and its effects,
- Narrowing the gap in economic development between developed Western countries and developing countries of the "third world" . - Stabilization of the population of civilization on the planet. - The emergence of new trends in world economy, carrying both positive and negative effects

In my presentation, I want to touch on one of the problems of modern world economy: the emergence of new trends. Main trends of the world economy.
Trends, which appear only in XXI century, are: the internationalization of economic life, the transnationalization of business and the integration of national economies. The internationalization of economic life is a constant increase in the interconnection and interdependence of different countries, a gradual transition of the national economies of the closed system to an open economy, facing the foreign market. International Economic Integration

International economic integration - the process of interaction of national economies, in which takes place the convergence of economic mechanisms and directions of their development, and there appear supra-national regulation of economic processes. International economic integration starts with economic regionalism, in which a separate (usually neighboring) countries are setting up a regime more favorable conditions for trade and movement of factors of production.

Globalization as a trend of the modern world economy
The main trend in today's global economy is its globalization, that is, the process of transforming the world economy into a unity market for goods, services, capital, labor and knowledge. The higher stage of...
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