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The Dangers of a Theocracy

A theocracy is a form of government where a priest rules in the name of God.

In a real theocracy, God is the head of the state. In a pure theocracy, the leader is believed to

have a personal connection God like a prophet. The government claims to rule on behalf of

God and divine approval of government institutions and laws. This is dangerous because you

live in a place where laws are handled by people who say they are prophets of the religion.

When one person is in full power it is not good. The leader ends up like a dictator who

controls what you do and what you believe in and this causes the leader to become too

powerful. They can make up any rule or law they want and say that God wants it that way

and others will follow. It ends up not even being about God anymore and more about them.

They one in power lies to get more control and sometimes they take money.When people

started getting accused of witchcraft, there was not much they could do because everyone

was on the side of the accuser. A lot of people died from this and people started to accuse

others just so a finger would not be pointed at them. The leader gets so powerful that no one

else up getting a say. On dangerous thing in a theocracy is that the people involved in it

believe that the person in charge is in there best interest when really they only care about

them self. When the leader or 'prophet' tell them to do something because God said to they

will obey and do so. A theocracy is not a good form of government in my opinion because

only one person gets a voice.
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