There Is No Convincing Case for a Written Constitution in Britain. Discuss.

Topics: Government, Constitutional monarchy, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: November 14, 2010
There is no convincing case for a written constitution in Britain. Discuss. Every country needs a constitution to know the rules in which they need to abide by and the principles that the governors govern by. Unlike America and France, Britain does not have a written constitution. This in turn can cause problems for both the citizens and government when a difficult situation comes about and the rules in which need to be followed cannot be referred to as they are not in one single document. An example of this would be the 2010 hung parliament, when no one party received enough votes to run the country, therefore Gordon Brown did not have to resign immediately and it was unclear on weather or the queen was to step in and take control. This fact can convince many into the state of mind of which the country needs a written constitution for when a problematic situation is to occur. If Britain had a written constitution confusion would not have taken place in a situation such as this, having a written constitution would remove all uncertainty in all political situations. Also if Britain had a written constitution there would be no gaps in laws that can be bent. The British constitution has flexible laws meaning they can be used to the advantage of the government and politicians when making decisions. Citizens of Britain do not know the laws in which the government need to follow; therefore we can never know when a law is being bent and will settle with an issue if the government is thought to have settled it. We as a population do not know whether or not we are being undermined, this in turn meaning we cannot scrutinise the government’s actions. If we was to have a written constitution the government and politicians would have to be more careful not to exceed boundaries when making decisions. Also if Britain was to have a written constitution it would be a binding document, meant to last. A written constitution is something with timeless quality yet no changes can...
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