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Chapter 6
Socio-Economic Aspect
In putting business, owner should not only consider profit maximization but also the benefit it can give to the people and government. In order to help government attain its primary objectives of becoming newly industrialized country. The proponents decided to venture into this kind of business which is “Garlic Paste”. It is needed an eye not only from profits but also to perform social and economical responsibilities.

A. Social Benefits
JAIRISH Manufacturing Company is not only concern in contributing money but also in educating prospective businessman, its existence would be a challenge to others to venture in a small business, as to make use of their god-given ideas, talents, and capabilities to become responsible and productive individuals. The business will help the worker to imbue themselves the value of discipline, hard work, and perseverance. The business aims to contribute some significant socio-economic benefits that will gradually benefit the society at large.

B. Economic Benefits
The business will be a great help in uplifting standard of living and decrease the perennial problem of unemployment. The business will provide an opportunity to the proponents to exercise entrepreneurial ability and to put into practice the knowledge acquired from their academic training. It will also help increase the rate of employment by giving other people a chance to work. The business can also help the government for additional taxes which can be obtained, not only from the employees but also from the business itself. The taxes obtained from individuals and establishments will help the city materialized its project operations. In securing business permit, it will contribute to the income of the municipal government, thus contributing to economic development of the country.

C. Environmental Benefits
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