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Creating jobs and opportunities in the UK

small businesses?
High-growth small businesses play a vital role in creating jobs and driving economic growth in the UK through innovation and market expansion. Social enterprises are increasingly contributing to UK economic and community development through sustainable business models that are less dependent on traditional grant funding.

‘We are proud of the positive impact 10,000
Small Businesses is having across the UK.
Participants are reporting measurable
gains in revenue and profitability, and
creating jobs. They are gaining the skills
and confidence needed to take prudent
risks and grow amidst market
uncertainty. This initiative is establishing
a lasting national community of small
businesses that are supporting each
other to maximise potential.’
Michael S. Sherwood
Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs Group
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Goldman Sachs International

of participants are creating net new jobs

of participants are growing revenues

However, many small businesses and social enterprises struggle to access the support needed to overcome the many challenges they face as they take their businesses to the next level. After extensive research, Goldman Sachs launched the 10,000 Small Businesses programme in the UK in 2010 to specifically address this support gap. The programme is a unique business development and education initiative designed by leading experts specifically for high growth small enterprise leaders from across sectors, and is run in partnership with some of the country’s top business schools and universities. The programme’s approach to combining practical education and business support services enables small firms to navigate barriers to growth and unlock the economic and job creation potential of their businesses. The participants are connected to a dynamic and supportive community of like-minded, forward-looking individuals. Combined with the programme’s practical business training, this self-supporting network helps participants identify and execute strategies to forge sustainable new pathways to growth.

Richard J. Gnodde
Co-Head, Investment Banking Division
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Goldman Sachs International


Goldman Sachs and
high-growth small businesses

‘The future of the economy rests
with small businesses because
they have the greatest potential.
It’s easier for small businesses
to change and be flexible.’
Viv Parry
Exquisite handmade Cakes

As a firm, our role and value is in bringing together people, ideas and capital to help businesses and institutions maximise their potential.

Peer-to-peer learning helps
participants establish trusted
connections that are leading to 10,000 Small Businesses aims to play a leading role new opportunities and business in driving long-term economic growth and job creation in the UK. Achieving this means identifying

businesses with high-growth potential and
equipping them with the knowledge and skills to
succeed and prosper.

Supporting high growth small firms
The programme provides a new and differentiated
opportunity for us to support the economically
important small business sector. Both large and
small businesses face many of the same challenges
as they traverse new stages of growth: How to
access the right form of capital? How to make the
best hire? How to effectively manage growth and
transition? These issues are as relevant to small
firms as they are to larger ones.


EACH YEAR across the country

Our programme is delivered by selected university
partners that provide a practical business and
management education, and high-quality support to
leaders of small businesses and social enterprises
– organisations that will shape the UK’s future
business and social...
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