Total Quality Management: Sample Questionnaire for the Assessment of a Restuarant

Topics: Reliability, Restaurant, The Establishment Pages: 2 (283 words) Published: March 12, 2013
I. Questionnaire for Mystery Guest/ Customer of (Restaurant's name)

Establishment’s Name|
Date of Visit|
Time of Visit|

1. Rate the availability of the staff. Did they assist you right away?

Very Poor12345Excellent

2. Rate the efficiency of their service. Were they efficient in delivering their service?

Very Inefficient12345Very Efficient

3. Rate the friendliness of the staff. Were they polite and/or courteous?

Very Unfriendly 1 2 345Very friendly

4. Rate the staff based on their knowledge on what they offer. Were they familiar with all their products? Were they able to answer your queries on the food they sell?

Very Poor12345Excellent

5. Rate the reliability of the staff. Were they able to deliver or do what you asked them to?

Very Unreliable 12345Very Reliable

6. Rate the quality of food they serve. Did they serve quality food and according to standard?

Very Poor12345Excellent

7. Rate the adequacy and availability of the food in their menu. Was the food you want available? Was it adequate?

Very Inadequate12345Very Adequate

8. Rate the equipment used to serve you. Did they use proper equipment, utensils, etc. in serving you? Did they provide the right utensils for the food you ordered?

Very Improper12345Very Proper

9. Rate the ambiance and cleanliness of the establishment.

Very Poor12345Excellent

10. Rate the overall dining experience. Were you satisfied with their service, food, etc?

Not satisfied 1 2345Very satisfied
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