Topics: Monopolistic competition, Government, Free trade Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Assignment Topic for Individual Effort:
Every businessmen/women start off with one major purpose – maximum profit. In this world of rapid changes in technology, product development, branding and competition, how can they ensure that this goal is achieved? You are required to outline a minimum of THREE (3) strategies that every business person should undertake. You are currently a salaried employee but you harbour hopes of being an entrepreneur. Discuss some of the “risks” and “rewards” of being an entrepreneur compared to a salaried worker. Justify your discussion with example(s). External reading sources are a necessity. The consistency of government policies is important to the direction and health of the economy. Using ONE (1) example of a country, discuss how good government policies may contribute to the well-being of its economy. Discuss the impact of trade protectionism on a country’s competitiveness edge in international trade. What are the possible repercussion(s) of doing so? Your assignment shall not exceed 2,500 words.

You are required to select only ONE (1) question from the above. You shall be given a period of FOUR (4) weeks to finish the assignment. Deadline for submission is 7th November 2014 ASSESSMENT CRITERIA

Relevancy and clarity of arguments :5%
Analysis of subject matter :10%
Language and format of presentation:5%
Total :20%
Plagiarism is a serious offence and plagiarized work will result in an F grade. 1st Question

Imagine your country is currently facing high inflation. As a group of economists that have been commissioned by your government to analyse this situation and to come up with some concrete action plans to steer the economy out of high inflation, identify the steps and the ways that you will recommend to the government.

2nd Question
Every bank has to balance itself between two opposing...
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