Types of Communication

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Types of Communication
Communication can be divided into formal and informal communication. Formal communication may include spoken or written words while informal communication includes gestures, facial expressions e.t.c. It can also be divided as-:

1. written materials
2. Oral methods
3. Electrical methods
Written Methods
Written methods are preferred where detailed information needs an explanation as they are less liable to miss interpretation than oral methods. They can be read at readers speed and helps the employees in the understanding what is needed of them. Examples of written methods include notice boards and pay packets. Some organizations use booklets in communicating detailed information though it is slow method. An example of this method is employee handbook which contains the terms of employment contract. Examples of search terms are sickness arrangements, absence procedures, disciplinary procedures, termination of employment procedures, e.t.c. and will eventually ease the management need in explaining or undertaking search terms to its employees. Oral Methods

Oral communication also falls under formal communication and is mainly used in meetings and briefly groups.e.g.seminars, conference, workshop e.t.c This helps in
Informing employees of proposal
Obtaining the views of employee representatives
Listening to complains
Listening to proposals and comments
Briefing groups is form of direct communication between managers and their teams. Electrical Methods
This is where communications is done through usage of laptop computers, Satellites, Network systems and other information communication technology means that an organization can use to meet intended groups. Electronic mail is widely used but many organizations for internal communication. Electronic bill boards are also being used by organizations in communicating information to its employees and intended groups. This is much easier way and saves time...
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