Types of Financial Institutions

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Financial Institutions have many functions, Identify different institutions in Egypt and elaborate the differences among them Central Bank of Egypt
Leading Banks: National Bank of Egypt
Banque Misr
Commercial International Bank (Egypt)
Bankers Association of Egypt
COMESA Bankers’ Association
Egyptian Banks Company
Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade
Ministry of Investment
Ministry of Finance
Egyptian International Trade Point
Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce
General Authority for Investment and Free Zones
The Egyptian Exchange
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
IFIs active in Egypt
1 • The World Bank Group (WBG), including the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Multilateral Investment
Guarantee Agency (MIGA);
2• the International Monetary Fund (IMF);
3• the European Investment Bank (EIB);
4• the African Bank for Development (AfDB); and
5• the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).
The World Bank Group

Today, the World Bank’s professedmission is to fight poverty and promote economic growth and development in the world. The World Bank is actually made up of several institutions, which together constitute the “World Bank Group” (WBG).

The International Monetary Fund
T he IMF's original mission was to monitor and manage a system of stable exchange rates and to provide countries with short-term financing to help them overcome temporary balance-of-payments deficits (when spending on imports exceeds revenues from exports) and to support their exchange rate values. Today, the IMF focuses on monitoring countries' macroeconomic policies, providing both short and medium-term lending to countries with budgetary difficulties, and restructuring the economies of debt-ridden countries by imposing policy changes through structural adjustment programs and similar packages under different names. The European...
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