Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Topics: Bangladesh, Unemployment, Government Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: May 26, 2013

Bangladesh is a small country but it has a huge population. It has also limited resources. As a result, it faces a number of problems. Unemployment problem is one of them. It is next to population problem but more serious than the late. It has posed a great threat for our country. Unemployment is the condition of remaining without job. It is a problem because it hampers all national and economic progress.

The main cause of unemployment is illiteracy. The second cause of it is the unwillingness of doing any work. The third cause is the limited scope of employment. In govt. offices, banks and institutions, the number of posts is fewer than the number of candidates. As the government cannot afford to set up newer institutions and create employment opportunities, the number of unemployed people is increasing day by day.

Unemployment has some negative impacts on our social, national and economic development. Unemployed people suffer from frustration because they are not respected in the society. Hence they engage themselves in many anti-social activities. They involve in robbery, terrorism and violence. Many become drug addicts. They do anything to collect money to buy drugs. Mostly the people of young generation are unemployed. So, in spite of contributing to the social development, they are creating anarchy in the country.

Unemployment problem needs to be solved immediately. Self-employment is one of the possible solutions to this problem. Though there is scarcity of jobs, people can be self-employed in a number of income generating activities.

Self-employment is challenging and involves risk. But when it provides positive results, it will encourage people. They will find that they are earning more money than the govt. jobs. To provide the unemployed youths with self-employment opportunities, the ministry of youth development has set up ‘Youth Training Centers' throughout the country to impart training on various trades and vocations. Besides, the...
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