Unit 38 D1

Topics: Government, Policy Pages: 2 (1263 words) Published: March 26, 2015
Economic Environment
The impact that a change in Government Decisions will have on my business could be done through many ways, one of these is that it could change how customers of Apple act as they may need to follow certain laws such as taxes which would impact customer’s spending. Another way Apple can be impacted is that government would stop people of the country using certain technological services such as blocking of the internet and Wi-Fi, and this would then impact the sales of this in these countries. Lastly, another way Apple can be impacted by a government decision is that if government spending increases, then schools and colleges would look to spend this on improving the technology side of their institution and Apple products may be purchased for this. Apple will respond to the changes of customers and how they act by creating ways of increasing demand to make sure sales and profits levels remain, also an increase in prices and promotion would be needed for this. For Apple and reacting to government’s stopping technological services in certain countries would be to modify their services so that they are more user-friendly to these countries. To finish, Apple would respond to a change in government spending with increasing prices and supplies, as the demand of their products would have increased and would have to make sure they take advantage of these potential sales. This change will have a big impact on my business because they have the power to make big decisions which could have a huge impact on things like the customers of Apple which are the main reason of the amount of sales or profit Apple make, this means these decisions could determine whether Apple are successful. The impact that a change in Government Policies will have on Apple is that any alterations to policies may mean that a business will have to change certain things they do in the business or risk negative impacts. One of these changes in government policies is competition...
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