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Topics: Economics, Resource, Industrial Revolution Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: December 1, 2013
1) How can the presence or absence of natural resources and arable land affect a nation’s economy, regardless of the type of economic system? Natural resource can either make or break a country. If it is a country that doesn't have many foreign friends it will be hard for them to get the needed resources to survive and they would be missing a lot of capital. 2) How can life expectancy and literacy rates affect the quality of labor in the economy? The long people live and the more they know the more complex of a job they can complete and the longer they can stay with that job. 3) How can fertility rates affect the use of scarce resources? The more people who are born the more resources you are going to use to help them survive. 4) How can GDP per capita and poverty rates indicate standards of living in each system? When there are high poverty rates it shows that the people who live there don’t live in high standards of living. It also shows that the job market is either very low paying or non-available. 5) How can the size of the industrial/service sector and agriculture employment rate indicate the level of industrialization? The more people working towards a goal the faster it is meet. If a lot of people are on the industrial and service sector that means that there is opportunity for them to move into industrialization easier. 6) How can electricity, communication, and transportation facilities indicate the potential for industrial growth? They are all factors needed to create economic growth so when the resources are available to help a nation grow it will. 7)Considering the lack of natural resources, the labor problems. and the lack of capital and little industrialization of developing countries, how can developing countries develop? Capital deepening, when a country applies its resources to expand its capital by building schools and factories its gives to country more opportunity to grow and develop to become more successful.
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