Use of e-learning in imparting basic financial knowledge for sustainable growth of small Business

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Use of e-learning in imparting basic financial knowledge for sustainable growth of small Business By
Sattagouda M Patil
Department of P G Studies, VTU, Belgaum,

Date: 05/11/2013
The Convenor,
International Management Convention, 2014
Asian School odf Business Management,
Bhubaneswar, 751024
Odisha, India.

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Use of e-learning in imparting basic financial knowledge for sustainable growth of small Business Abstract
The need of the hour in today’s competitive world is generation of entrepreneurs who can contribute to the country’s growth and prosperity but only generation of entrepreneurs will not instigate growth of the country, the entrepreneurs have to regularly contribute to the country’s growth which will only happen if they can sustain fierce competition and generate profits. The idea is to envision entrepreneurs to be provided a platform which would encompass basic financial knowledge in-order to build businesses that would not only grow faster but are capable to weather down competition, sudden changes in market place, new taxation policy by the government, financial benefits for certain business etc. Many entrepreneurs agreed that basic knowledge about finance could help solve most of the problems that are being faced by them in today’s dynamically changing business environment. E-learning has been the most preferred medium of transferring knowledge because of its effectiveness and cost advantage. The paper also looks into using M-learning which has gained more popularity in recent times because of the growing tele-data using population, The process of designing a curriculum can be debated further as there are several models and techniques available for designing an e-learning courseware. Keywords: E-learning, entrepreneurs, business, course, design

Use of e-learning in imparting basic financial knowledge for sustainable growth of small Business INTRODUCTION
Many individuals aspire to become entrepreneurs for reasons such as being their own boss, implementing their expertise in a particular area to generate profits, non-availability of product or service in the market place. Etc. There are very few entrepreneurs who have a deep and burning desire to tackle financial strategy. In fact, majority of entrepreneurs abstain from “working the numbers”.. Hence building a good financial foundation does not hold much importance among majority of entrepreneurs. It has been observed that smart people in businesses with smart ideas fail in the market place for the need of solid and smart financial strategy and the reason attributed to this has been that entrepreneurs lack the expertise and they tend to ignore or rather avoid taking any suggestions from experts as they assume it to be not so useful. There are various perspectives for a business to generate profits. A business can increase its profits by cutting costs, increasing sales, increasing inventory turnover etc. After having elaborative discussions with the local business...

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