Virginia House of Burgesses

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Hannah Trent
Period 2
Virginia House of Burgesses
Virginia House of Burgesses was one of the foundations to our American government. Politically it created a form of governing that is still in some ways used today . Socially this political group changed the way people think how a community could be ran by officials. Also, the creation of this allowed religion to not be the major key point in governing Colonial America but the focus was more on the people. In 1619, two burgesses were assigned to one colony or county and in total this group consisted of twenty-two men. Every so often these men would come together and report to each other and establish laws and taxes that the people would have to follow. Like in today's legislation, we have representatives that represent each state and the number of people who represent depends on the population of each state. The representatives also come together and meet to discuss laws and represent each state to the group. This is very similar to the form of government in the 1600's which is still alive in today's government. Before Colonial America everything was decided by the king and his nobles which never gave the citizens a say in anything that went on through the government. But as a results of the House of Burgesses land owning men in each county were allowed to vote and voice their opinion about taxation and laws that were passed. This made a complete new outlook on how people could be governed. Later on in America freedom became an essential right to the people which is what this has all stared. This unique way of order stayed throughout American history until today. Religion was always the main focus in every government and country back in monarchy times. But when they organized the Virginia House of Burgesses it wasn’t such much that way. God was a part of their lives and they talked about their religion but ultimately it was not mentioned in every law and it wasn’t a major concern....
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