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Graduate Level Writing Analysis and Development Plan
Naomi Washington
February 16, 2015
Dr. Carol Rees

Graduate Level Writing Analysis and Development Plan
Graduate writing is not an easy task, throughout this course several assignments were given, each more challenging then the last. The assignments were designed to make one think and go beyond the boundaries one may be used to. In weeks, 1, 2, and 4 individual written assignments were given and critiqued. In this paper the feedback will be summarized, my individual writing strengths and weaknesses analyzed, and I will present a plan to refine my future writing assignments. Feedback Summaries

In the Week 1 assignment I was good at addressing main points. I had several writing style and mechanic errors; subject-pronoun agreements, comma and third person usage. APA guidelines needed to be followed more closely due to some font discrepancy.

In Week 2 I summarized the article in good detail, covered all the necessary components of the paper and had good supportive details. It was well written with few grammatical errors. APA guidelines were followed, although one citation was missed and one contraction was used. There were a couple of sentence structure errors but an overall good paper. In Week 4 all the main area of the assignment were addressed, but little detail was given. APA formatting was not up to standards there were errors with quotations and citations. Many citations were missing, along with author, date of publication in the citation. Some of the sentences were unclear and the structure was incorrect. There were also some subject-pronoun agreement errors again. Strong effort at best.

Individual Writing Strengths and Weaknesses
My writing strengths are that all areas and main points are always addressed and supporting detail provided. I have a clear understanding of the APA guidelines and put them in to practice most of the time. Papers are well written and covers the topic given. Ability to hold the attention of the reader. My weaknesses in regards to writing are grammatical errors, and sentence structure. I also sometimes don’t follow the APA guidelines despite knowing them. I have a lack of time management when it comes to writing which in turn effects the entire process. I do not proofread like I am supposed to so that those grammatical errors and sentence structure failures can be caught. It also effects my research and planning time when I do not manage my time effectively. Plan for Refining Areas of Improvement. Moving forward in my graduate level writing I have devised a plan that I believe will work for me. The week 6 reserved reading gave me many resolutions to my writing deficiencies. I will allow myself time for research and planning of the written assignment. Second I will develop an outline that will streamline my writing process and make it easier to stay focused on the paper and keep it flowing properly. I will use the charts from pg. 18 as a template for my outline. This is more helpful for me rather than the traditional outline format. The chart is enclosed for review.


COM/600 is an intense six-week writing course that has helped to bring to the forefront my deficiencies in writing and what I can do to improve them and become a better writer. Managing my time more effectively and making sure to stay abreast on the APA guidelines will insure my success in writing on the graduate level.

University of Phoenix. (2015). Evaluating and Improving Student Writing and Writing Instruction: A Systematic Approach. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, COM/600 website.

References: University of Phoenix. (2015). Evaluating and Improving Student Writing and Writing Instruction: A Systematic Approach. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, COM/600 website.
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