What Are the Good Methods to Study English Efficiently

Topics: Linguistics, Language, Learning Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Each person has their own ways to learn English. However no one makes sure that their methods are the best because it is a fact that some methods are very effective to a group of people applying them in studying but not efficient to the other persons. Choosing a reasonable way to learning and practising English is extremely important to anyone who wants to master their English.

According to my experience, the best way to achieve a high goal in learning English must be to practise it everyday and everytime you can. The reason is that this approach aids us to be familiar with the most popular language all over the world and to establish a habit of using English in the real life. If we study English for a long time, our language ability will strengthen, but if after that we don’t use it for a few month, i’m sure that our level will actually reduce over the time. Therefore setting up a specific schedule to learn English everyday may be very important for trainees. In detail, I often write down a note for the following day at every evening, which may includes the concrete time I start writing an essay and the time I have to finish it. If you have much time, it is very useful to study on some websites that provide you many interesting tools and methods to help you remove stress and practise a foreign language with the best quality but of course you may have to register and pay a fee for their services. Moreover, remember to practise linguistic skills such as writing, reading and listening frequently and learn new words to keep your English ability moving forward. Especially, go to some English clubs or classes to chat with the other to improve your speaking. It is essential for you to speak English fluently and coherently while interviewing for jobs or any other program. 
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