What Is Communication

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What is communication?
According to the dictionary, what is communication is defined as “…a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior…” Basic communication theory posits four basic components for the successful completion of transmitting information (in a human context); the sender (or encoder), the message, the medium by which the message/information is sent (e.g., written, oral, audio, visual), and the receiver or target of the communication information (decoder). Any disruption, garbling, malfunction, etc. at any point of that communication sequence could result in the failure of a successful communication.

What is Communication and the Format
Starting with the sender, there is the complexity of human language itself. The message must be formatted correctly, with proper grammar, syntax, noun sequencing, and even pronunciation. If the encoder of the message speaks too rapidly, too slowly, mixes up words, has garbled speech, and so on; these can all affect how clearly the message is first delivered into the communication sequence. People afflicted with schizophrenia appear to speak clearly, but the speech is incoherent, what is referred to as “word salad”. Thus the origin of the message is already faulty. Understandable & Coherent

The message itself must be understandable and coherent. Just linking random words together does not comprise an intelligent message. The complexity of the message is also a factor. For example, “The day is dark” is a different complexity level from “nanotechnological advances will accelerate the transition to transhuman and cyborg evolutionary jumps”. It may be difficult for a neuro-scientist to deliver an intelligible message to a kindergartener. The knowledge and intelligence level of both sender and receiver must be factored into the message linking process. The medium by which the message is transmitted can be faulty. For example, passing a...
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