What Is Communication

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What is communication?
Communication is a conversational process of sending and receiving messages. Communication is important in business, personal relationships and daily tasks of going grocery shopping or grabbing a morning cup of coffee. Various barriers exist that can distort or prohibit a message from being properly understood or sent Efficeive communication?

A two way information sharing process which involves one party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving party. Effective communication by business managers facilitates information sharing between company employees and can substantially contribute to its commercial success. Process of communicatin?

The sharing of meaningful information between two or more people with the goal of the receiver understanding the sender's intended message. In business, the effectiveness of a company's internal and external communication process is often very important to its overall success. Network of communication?

communication network means the fundamental models of communication, which is changed from time to time. How our ancesters use methods for communication and what we are doing nowadays for communication. If we do a research then we can see the changes of the mediums for communications. It is based on somany things because communication differs from place to palce, stage to stage etc. Like how effectively we are communicating with each other front to front that efficiency won't work if we both communicate from a long distance or from water. It is a long theory and even a process to innovate better communication environments and mediums in our day to day life. Type of Barriers of communication?

(1) Semantic Barriers
(2) Psychological or Emotional Barriers
(3) Organizational Barriers
(4) Personal Barriers
Overcoming the barriers?
(1) Clarify Ideas before Communication:
(2) Communicate According to the Need of the Receiver:
(3) Consult Others before Communication:
(4) Be Aware of...
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