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Wwwhat is an NGwO?
♣ No single accepted definition, but…
♣ Generally, a private body that is independent of government control and not seeking to challenge government for
political control as a political party
♣ Address issues in the interest of the “public good” (as defined by group)
♣ Non-profit, non-criminal, and non-violent (according to UN standards)
♣ They rely on a mix of donations and grants (both private and public), volunteer labor, money-generating activities
♣ NGOs are not just liberal or leftist organizations; many represent conservative and right-wing interests too! NGO-government partnerships ♣ Some of the most innovative development work is
taking place at the intersection of NGO-government
o NGOs supplement services provided by government
(e.g., health care or health information), stretching the
money that each spends
o Governments can act as customers/consumers for NGO
initiated activities
o Governments and NGOs can each tackle different
aspects of a particular problem (e.g., environmental
degradation or conservation work)
What do NGOs Do?
♣ Advocate particular political, social, or economic positions ♣ Lobby governments at the local, regional, national, and
international level
♣ Provide consultative services at the local, national, or international level (e.g. the UN)
♣ Provide crucial social services either in cooperation with, or in place of, the state
♣ Engage in economic development, education, and capacity
building at the local, regional, national, or international
♣ Provide emergency assistance at the local, regional, national, and international levelValue of NGOs
♣ Mobilization and organization of ordinary people to demand political change
♣ Counterweight to the impersonal forces of govt. bureaucracy and globalization⋄ local ownership and interest
♣ Increasingly a source of ideas and claims about how the
world ought to be
♣ Creation of a global “human rights” culture, thanks to NGOs at all levels, from HRW and AI to the tiny organizations that collect information about violations on a shoestring budget
♣ Provide services that the govermnet cannot or will not
♣ Engage in “self help”
Types of NGOs can be understand by their level of orientation and level of cooperation . 1. Types of NGOs by the level of orientation.
It has further types as under,
i. Charitable orientation.
It often involves a paternalistic effort with little participation by ’’beneficiaries’’. It includes the ngo,s which directed the people towards meeting the needs of poor and help them by gaining them food, clothing,medicine,provision of housing etc.such ngo,s may also undertake relief activities during natural or man made herds. ii. Service orientation.

It includes with ngo,s with activities such as the provision of health, family planning or education services. in which the program is designed by the ngo,s and people are expected to participate in its implementation and in receiving the services. iii. Participatory orientation.

It is characterized by self-help projects where local people are involved particularly for example in the implementation of a project in any village by contributing,cash,tools,land,materials and labor etc. this type is basically cooperation based and on limited scale. iv. Empowering orientation.

The aim of these NGOs are to help poor people an d develop a clear understanding of the social, political and economic factors which are effecting their lives, and aware them how can they solve their problem by using their resources and purpose to mobilize the people or self mobilization. In any case there is maximum involvement of the people with NGOs acting as a facilitators. 2. Types of NGOs by the level of operation.

It has further types which are as following.
i. Community based organization(CBOs)
When people start feelings that what are their needs and how can they...
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