What Is the Most Important Change in Your Career

Topics: Officer, Government, The Conversation Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: April 17, 2013
I went about this assignment by asking one officer the straight question of “what is the most important change you have witnessed in your field during your lifetime?” I have to say the officer at first seemed guarded as to what he would respond. To give you a little back-story my father was recently a city councilor for the City of Lewiston and I think he thought there was something fishy going on. I showed him the form from class and he laughed and said, “Ok lets do this!” I spoke with Officer Griffin for about 20 minutes and he stated that the biggest change for him had to be technology. When he started on the force they had a radio and a dispatcher. When he wanted information on an individual he would contact his dispatcher who would input information into their computer and pull up what little info they had. Fast-forward to today and Officer Griffin now has a fully outfitted Dodge Charger complete with laptop and up to date software. He explained that as he pulls up behind a vehicle, within seconds of running plate he knows make, model, registered owner, and also whether the registered owner has any wants or warrants. The software also checks vehicle against national theft database and for any BOLO’s. He explained that this process even 10 years ago would have taken him 15 to 20 minutes to complete where now its 15 to 20 seconds. Lewiston PD is also looking into a new camera/computer system that an officer’s computer will film each car in front of, beside, and behind. It then takes this picture of plate and runs the plate to make sure it is registered and for wants and warrants. If one is detected it sets an alarm off for the officer to pull that vehicle over. This is all done in a matter of seconds. Officer Griffin stated that technology has both made his life easier and more difficult. With the increase in information comes the added workload. I asked him his thoughts on how this has affected society and he feels technology is making up for the cuts that we...
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