what powers are extended to the federal government

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American Government
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American Government
The American Government and Public Affairs are divided into two house principle that compose of elements which are directly, elected by the people of the United State in high frequency, which were select the state in low frequency. According to the article noted, the limited executive with all the jobs of a king which have few powers of one’s independent, judiciary appointed for life on good behavior these rights are explicitly in which protect the simplicity of the government power which was been denied.

However, the Union of the State and the legistrative structure designed the lines, through presidential election, which based on the state votes, which assigned to the Union that reserved to the States.

The public policy is generally a sense which manifest, in the universal conscience of the citizens who are the total extends throughout the state which applied to the matter in public wellbeing, security, and welfare; However, universal settled public opinion which related to the responsibilities of citizens and other fellow citizens matters. Sometime these related responsiblies change in varies economic needs like social customs and moral ambitions of people. Considering the article noted that public policy enter into the influences, of the performance, that have the implementation and understanding of the legislation.

The purpose and public policy is for the politician to CLAIM what they are dong for the constituents. It serves the purpose to getting elected or re-elected to run for office of the president.

The constitution laws define the rights of every citizen in the United State. The laws are process and set out the way the states govern. However the constitution abide by the conditions that was set out this document, is written for the people by the people it also alter the rights and the nature of its document.

The role a citizen’s play is the right to vote for state representative on direct issues Lobby for government or petition for family members over seize Jury rules laws unconstitutional
Sue government or officials agencies
Challenge the laws as being unconstitutional
Be on the same level with both local and state by holding referendums

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