What Reasons Have People Given for Saying That Democracy Is a Better Form of Government Than the Alternatives?

Topics: Human rights, Law, Government Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: March 24, 2011
Democracy is not a perfect form, it’s the only form of government that respects the dignity of the individual and protects the individual’s human right so democracy is a better form of government than the alternatives. In the fundamental definition, “Democracy” is government elected by the people. A democracy born of decent action can be killed by indecent action. There are three essentials of democracy, first of all, democracy is a national government elected by the people, and the legislature and chief executive set the rule of the nation, but citizen can trough the definite, regular and honest elections to choose who will be the chief and executive and who will serve in the legislature. Secondly, democracy requires a constitution which establishes rules of procedure and it is above the laws. Thirdly, democracy requires human rights; a bill of right gives the fundamental rights of the people basically including speech, the press and freedom of religion. By the way, there are four major requirements for democracy; first of all, democracy must control violence. In addition, democracy must provide equality and freedom, freedom is includes equality that the representatives of the people are to create and sustain liberty rather than dictatorship, it’s not dictatorship and religion or totalitarian ideology. Moreover, democracy requires real law, it’s because it can provide justice and law’s operation for democracy also, the laws must be written by the representatives of equal citizens for equal citizens. Most importantly, democracy needs reason, knowledgeable is essentials for democracy because we have to know what’s wrong, what’s right.

Democracy can through election to choose who will be the chief and executive and who will serve in the legislature but autocracy cannot. Also, in democracy can via vote to substitute for government but autocracy cannot. Also, autocracy cannot guarantee to absorb the best people and there is no system to ensure the quality. Like...
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